Saturday Word of the Day: Jamboree

*Jamboree: a carousel, any noisy merrymaking

There was a jamboree on my birthday, I remember seeing the damn gilded horses and hearing that old timey tune, my eyes went wide and I screamed. All of us kids screamed our heads off at the sight, it was a right old jamboree and it made that day feel perfect, that is until everything came undone.

The bolts were rusted and the thing was a salvage my uncle’s had just lightly touched up as a gift, but it wasn’t safe. After a few rounds one of the horses started coming loose and then in the blink of an eye it flew right off knocking off one kid and colliding into another. Initial screams of joy had turned into screams of terror.

After that day none of the parents ever let their kids near me or my family. And so my birthday became a blackened day, a bitter day.



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