Wednesday Prompt Smash: Technically Right

Prompt: “Technically right, the best kind of right”

Word limit: 400 words

The training hall was filled with young, somewhat promising, most definitely inexperienced recruits. It was not an impressive sight, they were not impressive beings. There was at least a half dozen Orcs amongst them, big and muscular but some would say not very bright. To add to that there was ten or so elves, a smattering of different races with varying skin tones and ear lengths, a few token human representatives who were all lean and clumsy (at least in comparison to the Orcs). And of course there were the shifters, only a handful had actually agreed to recruitment so of the twenty present at least fifteen had been coerced into joining.

All together it was a rather underwhelming number of recruits and a rather mismatched lot. Her royal highness the High Queen of the realm was not impressed, she ushered for her closest advisors to come speak with her and ordered the warriors who were present to instruct the new recruits.

“Walk the blighters through a couple training routines,” Her hand beckoned her advisors to follow her into the corridor.

There was silence in the corridor, except the slight noise carrying through from the training hall, the queen eyeballed her advisors.

“What the heck is that pitiful display?” The rage in her voice did not match the calmness of her posture.

“It’s the new recruits, my lady.”

“This year’s contribution to the warriors’ order!”

“Oh I know that, what I mean is where are all the god darn rest of the recruits? I’ve never seen numbers this low and such a lack of diversity, I mean where are the dwarves and the centaurs, where are the fae folk?”

“Well you see your majesty times are peaceful and have been for quite a few years now, not as many people want to become warriors in times of peace.”

“I thought that every race had to submit recruits to the warriors’ order each year?”

“Well see that’s the thing, we mentioned that to the ambassadors of the dwarves and well they um pointed out that it says if wiling or the realm in need.”

“Oh and they were very firm about it my lady, we told them whilst they might technically be right it wasn’t so simple as that and that they should at least send one recruit but they responded rather haughtily: ‘Yes technically right, the best kind of right. And as it were with us being technically right, we won’t be submitting any recruits this year.”

Word Count: 417 words

A/N: Check out Tim’s work.


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