Wednesday Prompt Smash: Crash Landing

Prompt: Crash Landing

Word Limit: 350 words

The door was closed. So how did it come to this?

It was my first mission, my first air-drop. The helicopter was going to carry us across the mountain range and land us in a cleared zone. It was going to be my time to be a hero, just like my old man had been before me.

Normally I would have been nervous, doing something like this that was so new and unfamiliar. I’d never been in a chopper before but I was feeling confident and safe, how naïve. The pilot was highly recommended, he had an array of commendations and medals and was boasted as one of the best in his profession, so what cause would I have to worry?

Take-off went smoothly, not even the slightest hint that something was wrong. It seemed reasonable to assume everything would continue to go smoothly. It was the pilot, me and one other operative in the helicopter. We made small talk, what types of girl do you like? Oh you don’t like girls, ok well what about men? Simple conversation.

We were about halfway to the drop site when we noticed, the door was open.

But how was it open? Neither me nor my fellow operative had opened it and it was most certainly closed after we boarded.

No big deal though, we thought.

A little after noticing the door, the chopper started to make a strange noise. And then everything started happening all at once.

The pilot was screaming at us as he tried to correct the chopper’s flight as we began to spiral. My fellow operative began panicking whilst trying to find a parachute, then when he did find one it was too late.

Fire, everything is hot as and you can feel the sweat. There’s thick smog in the air and my lungs are not tolerating it. I can barely feel my limbs, my eyes can barely open. This is it, I’m done. Done before I even started.

Word count: 336 words

A/N: don’t forget to check out Tim over on Flights of Fantasy.


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