The Illuminated World: A King for a Queen

A/N: This particular story is about marriage equality, don’t let the title fool you because not everything is always as it seems.

Far, far away in a place called the Illuminated World there was a girl called Nari. However Nari was changing, she was growing from a girl into a woman and her family wanted her to marry.

She did not particularly want to get married, but as it was for her parents she agreed to at least meet the suitors and give them a chance. Now you see, Nari was a princess- her family was one of six royal families in the Illuminated World. And so all her suitors were of course born of nobility, Princes or Kings.

The first of her suitors was a young boy, he was younger than her and liked to play games. He was fun to play with but didn’t ever want to do anything more, and when Nari wanted to have a quiet moment to sit down and read all he would do was pester her to play. So she sent him away.

Her next suitor was older than her, smart and talkative. He would tell her about all sorts of things and discuss his adventures in great detail, it was exciting to listen to but soon became tiresome. And the more she listened the more tired of him she got, all he would do was talk about himself and his adventures never giving Nari a chance to speak.

Eventually Nari got sick of listening to the man’s selfish prattle and interrupted him, telling him it would absolutely not work and he should leave.

Then came the third suitor who wasn’t any better than the last two. This one was her age, yet selfish and rude and lacking all manners so in a quick instance she turned him away.

After that suitor was gone Nari’s parents felt hopeless, if she’d turned away all these suitors what hope was there she wouldn’t turn away the rest? But still they thought, how will we know that it is hopeless and till we have had her meet all the suitors?

And so came suitor number four, King Reggie.

Unlike her previous suitors, Nari was surprised to find that Reggie much like herself was a girl on the cusp of womanhood. Nari at first was surprised, how could it be her suitor was a girl when she carried the title of King? But she was quickly delighted as Reggie launched into explaining how she had come to be king.

The two quickly bonded, Nari found Reggie was fun and full of exciting stories. But not only that she liked similar things as Nari too, playing at games and dressing up. However they both liked different things as well, Reggie liked fencing and Nari liked dancing.

Though the very best thing was that Reggie wanted to know all about Nari. So it was they spent a long while getting to know each other, learning all about one another. And after that time had passed and they had truly become close Nari made a decision.

She went forth to her parents and told them, King Reggie was the one she chose, no more suitors would be necessary. At first her parents were reluctant to allow the match, but as Nari explained to them how she had come to love King Reggie and would marry no other they came around, they would not deny their daughter love.

“If marrying King Reggie is really what you want, if she will make you happy then that is all we can ask for.” They said to Nari and her face brightened into a beaming smile as she thanked them for allowing her to follow her heart.

And so it came that after a period of engagement Nari and Reggie were married, together bringing a whole new meaning to the saying ‘A King for a Queen.’




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