Wednesday Prompt Smash: Compulsory Voting

Prompt: Compulsory voting

Word limit: 250 words

A/N: I’m an Australian and so is Tim, in Australia we just had our federal election last weekend and its compulsory to vote (hence the prompt Tim has given me for this week). The following short story is probably relatable for at least a couple of fellow Aussies.

Nothing is worse than election year. There is an incessant amount of phone calls made to me by the government, almost always from an automated recording that either wants to convince me to put Labour first and the CLP last or vice versa. And then there’s also the surveys, do you know the true ire of answering questions that you don’t care about?

God I hate politics, I especially hate politics when I have no darn clue as to who the bloody hell I should vote for. Both parties are idiots, neither candidate is someone I want to trust with my country’s wellbeing, and blood oath I don’t even want to think about what will happen in my state (or territory). It’s like an idiots circus and everybody is a clown, so of course when I actually get a proper person from the national survey blah blah and I actually don’t hang up on them, because come on they’re just trying to do their job- even telemarketers have souls (probably), I don’t have a proper answer to their questions.

And then comes the big day, Election day. After taking time from my day to get to a voting centre, because I don’t want a fine, I have to walk through a metaphorical minefield of politicians who are pushing pamphlets onto everyone who makes eye contact (even onto some who don’t). But at least there is a little pay-off to this compulsory numbering of boxes, there is the democracy sausage- a time honoured Australian custom.

Word count: 254 words

A/N: A little personal experience in there, even though I don’t like sausages as an Australian I had to at least make a nod to the democracy sausage (don’t know what I’m talking about? Click here).


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