Wednesday Prompt Smash: I will travel…

Prompt: I will travel across the land, searching far and wide

Word Limit: 200 words

A/N: As the twenty-somethings we are Tim and I are both deeply into Pokemon Go at the moment so this week we gave each other prompts based off the original Pokemon anime theme song. Check out Tim’s work over on Flights of Fantasy.

My bag is heavy with supplies, compass and maps along with food and water. In my hand I grasp an old telecommunications device, what people use to call a phone back in the 21st century. The winds are strong today and dust is being constantly flung into my eyes, I guess that should be expected.

I am currently in a land once called Australia, now called the stray land. Specifically I am in a small part of the stray land that was once called Alice Springs, according to the ancient maps I purchased. Nobody lives in the stray land, nobody has for hundreds of years, but somehow in my search for the truth I have been led here.

Before my journey began I had been comfortable living in Corpora-topia. But once I had begun to learn of the corruption in the outside world I had made a vow to stop at nothing to learn the true history of what had occurred to our world. And so I promised myself that I would travel across the land, searching far and wide until I discovered the truth.

Now I am here, in the stray land, searching for long forgotten tomes of history… but it’s hard to imagine that what I seek can truly be here.

Word count: 213 words

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