Wednesday Prompt Smash: The worst Rickroll in history

Prompt: The worst rickroll in history

Word Limit: 350 words

A/N: For those unfamiliar with Rickrolling please visit this Wikipedia page. Also here’s the clip in case you’ve never seen the music video for Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. Oh and don’t forget Tim.

“Class please open your history textbooks to page two hundred and thirty three,” Miss Debono instructs her students as she walks to the whiteboard and writes on it- Internet History.

The class flips the textbooks to the indicated page only to have a hologram appear and start playing an strangely catchy but old fashioned song, with pictures of a young man in clothing from a long past era. After a few minutes the holo-vid stops and the textbook lights up to say “You have just been rickrolled. Please turn the page.”

Most of the students are hesitant, this textbook has proven to be highly unusual. Then Miss Debono clears her throat.

“Please turn to page two hundred and thirty four now.” Slowly the students oblige.

“Now the last page you were on played an ancient music video by a singer of the name Rick Astley, this particular video became an intense part of internet prank culture. People would describe the link as something else to lure people into clicking through only to find this, this phenomenon became known as rickrolling. It was a massive part of the early 2000s internet culture, now if you would read the current page of your textbooks it will enlighten you of the heights this common prank reached.”

The students lowered their eyes to the textbook to see the page illuminated with the heading: The Rickrolling Disaster.

The page went on to describe the worst rickroll in history, a national and international incident in which the President of the U.S.A rickrolled his Vice President, resulting in rampant media coverage and the eventual incident of the U.S.A rickrolling the entire U.N.

It started as a simple, “Hey Bob can you please review this document,” email. This was then leaked to the press and when the International community laughed at America’s immature politicians it exploded. At that year’s UN meeting America was to give a Power Point presentation on disarmament, but this was just a cover. As they began their presentation nobody suspected that slide five would be a music video, the entire conference was both outraged and amused.

Word count: 352 words


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