Saturday Word of the Day: Aesthete 

*Aesthete: a person who has or professes to have refined sensitivity toward the beauties of art or nature 

“He’s so dashing,” Gloria sighed, leaning on her arms to get a better view of Ashford who sat two tables down.

“Oh please Gloria, do steer clear of that aesthete. He’s a total loon.” Her sister Lucinda elegantly takes her place, blocking the near perfect view.

“What a waste of a pun Lucinda, I rather thought you’d call him an Ass-thete.” Kiera giggles at her own joke as she slides into her seat on the right of Gloria.

“But he’s so perfect,” Gloria sighs once more, adjusting her self to peer over Lucinda’s shoulder and sneak another look at Ashford.

“Of course you think he is, you’ve never even talked to him.” Lucinda and Kiera say in unison.



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