Wednesday Prompt Smash: How much Mozzarella?

A/N: Check out Tim over on Flights of Fantasy

Prompt: “How much Mozzarella?”

Word Limit: 300 words

It’s been a while since I went on a date, though I’m almost always inevitable disappointed when I go on one. Nobody ever seems to understand my hobbies or intricacies so of course the date ends up being a bust. However my mother has been insistent as of late that I need to find someone, I’ve told her an immeasurable amount of times that it isn’t easy and I’m not interested in it at all but she persists.

And so she eventually wore me down, of course I made her do the looking for me. After a few weeks she decreed she’d found me the absolute perfect match. I was doubtful but she provided head shots and strong armed me into agreeing to go on at least one date with the guy.

That’s how we came to this moment, I am trying to pick out an outfit to wear- mum says it can’t be anything too over the top and that I need to not sabotage this date before it even begins. Every outfit I’ve settled on so far mum has vetoed, but I say if I can’t wear a set of sparkly kitten patterned tights then I can’t really assess how well matched I am to this guy.

Of course eventually mum sways me into wearing a dragon scale patterned dress, stating that at least it doesn’t make me look certifiable. And so  I go on this date- and you know what I’m thinking mum planned this as a joke.

For one when I get there the guy is wearing a sports jersey, I hate sports. And then the most absurd thing of all, he’s ordering pasta and he straight up asks the waiter to put all the mozzarella cheese available on it.

“How much mozzarella?”

“All of it.”

As soon as that conversation happened I knew, I knew this was someone far more kooky than me and I noped right out of there.

Word count: 325 words


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