Wednesday Prompt Smash: Prisoner Transfer

A/N: Check out Tim over of Flights of Fantasy.

Prompt: Prisoner Transfer

Word Limit: 250 words

I feel lost and empty and completely hopeless, how did I end up here.

Every decision I ever made has been a mistake, every action incorrect and every thought a nuisance.

Whatever has led me to this point I can be sure I most probably deserve the torment that lies ahead of me.

I can almost hear my parents patronising me for yet another unforgivable crime of my existence.

And of course I deserve it, I’ve never listened to tales of caution or taken advice, I have only myself to blame for ending up here.

The shackles on my legs chafe and the ones on my wrists itch, it doesn’t matter though- everything is obsolete.

Guards joke and chuckle, I bet they’ve never had a transfer this easy.

Of course I’m sure the facility officials would disapprove, after all shouldn’t they take more caution?

My crimes are numerous and of all I am guilty, but now I am dead inside and honestly I hardly recall how I even ended up here.

Was a transfer to a maximum security facility even necessary? I see the question hanging in the air, surely I am no danger.

It’s the second we turn the corner that realisation twists onto their faces.

How is it I am outside the van, how have I reached this point.

Nothing feels real.

I want none of this and yet I bring it upon myself, misery always follows in my wake.

So much for being transferred.

Word count: 247 words


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