Saturday Word of the Day: Me-tooism 

Me-tooism: The adopting of policies or methods similar or identical to those of a peer, rival or competitor 

Lucy was a simpleton, she always adapted and changed to suit the wants and personalities of those around her. Simply put she lacked individuality and radiated a aura that said “me too”. She was a person who’s life and social gravitas hinged on me-tooism. 

Needless to say she sometimes had a plethora of friends and other times an overabundance of ex-friends. After all me-tooism will only get you so far, nobody likes a copy cat.


A/N: We all know at least one person who doesn’t seem to have any interests of their own, this isn’t meant to be a put down piece though so I’m sorry it may come off that way. This was just the best way I could think of to create a story based off the word.


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