Wednesday Prompt Smash: Broken

A/N: Another Wednesday, another story. Hope everyone can enjoy this one, and that the twist isn’t too predictable. Don’t forget to check out Tim over on Flights of Fantasy.

Prompt: Broken

Word Limit: 350 words

I thought I wanted to know, I thought knowing would make things better, but it just made everything worse.

For the longest time I’d wanted to know what was wrong with me, why my family had abandoned me and why the world shunned me. I just wanted to feel normal, and I thought if I could just figure this out then I would be able to move past it and be normal. How wrong I was.

Now here I lay, broken. Unable to say anything, speechless and scared of what I have learnt. Of all the possible reasons that I had imagined my family leaving me, of all the quirks that I had, never in a hundred thousand years could I have thought of this.

Truth is far stranger than any fantasy. There is no undoing what I have learnt… although maybe that isn’t altogether true given my circumstances. I wish I could cry, spread out on this cold surface I feel as if I have lost everything.

I’d just wanted answers, had it been so wrong to want to know my origins. For a moment I consider what if I hadn’t wanted this, what if I hadn’t persisted but I realise it’s a silly thought- what’s done is done.

My eyes linger on my left arm, it has been disconnected from me- all of my parts have been disconnected. When I came here I sealed my own fate, to keep the truth I had learned hidden they had broken me.

As soon as they had begun breaking me the truth had become apparent, I was not normal. I wasn’t even human, what a joke. After spending my life as an orphan and just wanting to be a normal person, it turns out I wasn’t anything- just a machine, an AI programmed to feel human and integrate with humanity.

However now that I knew the truth I was a risk, they couldn’t have such risks running loose in the world. And so here I am broken into pieces on a metal slab, my cognitive processer still active but all other functions disabled- for the most part disassembled.

Word count: 357 words



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