Saturday Word of the Day: Stultify

*Stultify: to make, or cause to appear, foolish or ridiculous

Becca liked to play people, she liked to make them twist and turn to her will. She relished in stultifying them, it stoked the flames of her ego.

The young doctor Theodore Markins was unaware of this, no one sought to warn him of Becca when he moved to the small town and so he found himself caught in her game. Poor Dr Markins, at every opportunity Becca would stultify him and his reputation would grow worsened.

He was prey caught in her web with no visible escape, or so he thought until Lucinda came to town. Lucinda was not one to be made a fool, she did not joke and she did not play games. She would not tolerate being used by others and had a firm backbone, and within a few weeks she had Becca fuming at the ears because she was ruining all her fun.



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