Saturday Word of Day: Limacine

*Limacine: pertaining to or resembling a slug; sluglike.

The lower class faeries were surprisingly limacine. All of the texts Lindy had read had been rather misleading, or rather misinformed. Winged fae were viewed as a kind of nobility and the fae that had inspired folklore of elves were in fact royalty. 

In the court of the Seelie Lindy had met a few lower fae but they were rather miniscule and had escaped her vision, truly her meeting them was a stretch of words for she’d only heard them. Now in the court of thw Unseelie she was astonished to see the lower fae were much larger here and rather unappealing to the eye.

The servers of the court carried silver platters on their backs, which if lifted off would carry a sheen of glistening mucus. It was off putting at the least to watch these limacine fae at work. In moments such as these Lindy would lose her sense of enchantment and half wish that she could return to the mortal world, leaving all this strangeness behind.



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