Wednesday Prompt Smash: Near Miss

A/N: Whoops this is late, anyway hope everyone like this one- has a bit of a twist at the end (isn’t exactly in line with the prompt but oh well). Make sure you check out Tim’s work.

Prompt: Near Miss

Word Limit: 300 words

It wasn’t easy being a battlefield messenger, carrying top secret messages to and from different locations. Being under heavy fire tended to make most jobs difficult though, and Peter wasn’t about to let a small obstacle like gunfire keep him from being the very best errand boy ever.

There was a kind of thrill and exhilaration to be found in dodging bullets, narrowly avoiding mines and evading grenades. It came with a lot of anxiety and nervousness but still adrenaline was to be found in it and when you can get that kind of rush from a job it is hard to imagine doing something else.

Peter spent night and day running between trenches, ducking into barracks and barely escaping barrages of bullets. Of course to him it was all part of the job, if it was required for him to dodge machine gun fire to reach an intended recipient then he would dodge the machine gun fire- failure was not an option.

Few people relish their work as much as Peter did, he was always happy to carry out his job because when he finally reached his target there would be praise.

“That sure was a near miss, a little more to the left and you’d be dead. Good work soldier.”

“Nicely done Peter,”

“You ought to get a medal for all your hard work.”

Yes soldiers and generals alike often found themselves singing Peter’s praises, he might just be a messenger but he was a valued part of the army and countless offensives would have been lost without his skills at relaying messages between battalions.

And so when the war finally came to an end Peter wasn’t sure what to do with himself, until finally a fellow soldier gave him a grin.

“You’re coming home with me boy, you’ve done your bit and now it’s time to retire.”

Peter bounded up to the soldier and wagged his tail.

Word count: 320 words

A/N: Just in case it wasn’t clear Peter is a dog.


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