Saturday Word of the Day: Zymurgy

*Zymurgy: the branch of applied chemistry dealing with fermentation, as in winemaking, brewing, the preparation of yeast, etc.

Each and every member of the Finnich family underwent training in zymurgy. It was simply what was expected of them in order to keep the family brewery afloat and the recipes for their staple brews within the family.

Some of the children didn’t take to zymurgy and others held no gift for the craft but under Grandfather Finnich’s watchful gaze all would come to have a more than moderate understanding of zymurgy and be able to put their knowledge into action. A few neighborhood kids would snicker at the Finnich lot who were always stuck reading or labouring when not in school, who never had a minute for fun lest it cause them to forget a crucial step in the brewing process.

It wasn’t an easy upbringing but yet each generation of Finnich children would go on to put their own children to the test, for their family brewery would not be beaten when it came to determination and skill.



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