Wednesday Prompt Smash: Shiny and Chrome

Prompt: Shiny and Chrome

Word Limit: 250 words

The medallion was entrancing, it was positively, eye catching and hypnotising. It was smooth to the touch and impossibly light. Nobody could take their eyes off it, nobody wanted to lose out and nobody was willing to let one of the others claim their prize.

Five sets of index fingers were perched on the medallion; five sets of eyes were locked in a staring contest. Everyone was waiting for somebody to crack, for a moment of weakness they could seize. And yet nobody was giving up, no the medallion was too enchanting to let go the opportunity to own.

“…” Not a word would escape the lips of a single person, lest speaking affected their focus.

Everyone maintained focus on the shiny medallion, the chrome glinted under the dim candle light. Whatever natural light had been in the cave had dissipated over the hours that they had been stuck their fixated on becoming the owner of the medallion. Not that anyone cared how long it had been.

The candle continued flickering, nearing its end as every moment passed with nobody making a move. And then it came, the flickering ceased and the candle went out. Suddenly nobody could see, it was all dark and nothing was shiny… except that the medallion was still underneath their fingers.

Everybody hesitated but it didn’t take long for them all to make a lunge, there was a scuffle. And then there was silence, someone lit a new candle and there was only four present in the room. The shiny and chrome medallion was gone, someone had gotten it.

Word count: 264 words


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