Wednesday Prompt Smash: Open Locker

A/N: a wee bit late, not my best work and I’m not even sure where this was going. Check out Tim.

Prompt: Open Locker

Word limit: 350 words

What am I doing with my life? Repeating the same patterns and behaviours day in day out, week by week and year to year? How can I expect to get anywhere in life by remaining motionless?

I have a million thoughts about how I have ground myself into a rut, forced myself to a stop in the wrong place and trapped myself in an unhappy net. It seems to me that everybody else has managed to find the correct path and move themselves onto the correct track and that they manage to follow that lead, never straying from the road to happiness.

And yet I know that that is completely preposterous, because nobody knows what is correct and nobody can ever be one hundred percent certain that their actions will lead to their happiness- there are just too many variables in life. However knowing that doesn’t stop me from thinking the opposite, especially not when every time I look around me it seems like everyone is getting happier and sorting things out and having adventures and I’m just here, doing the same thing as I did yesterday and the day before that.

I find myself longing for adventure but being my own greatest obstacle as I am finding myself too difficult to move, I am rooted to the ground but I want to uplift those roots and see the world… and yet I’m also afraid that doing so will make things worse. And of course it could absolutely most certainly do that, but how will I know unless I at least try?

Then just when I’m giving up, the adventure finds me. Life is full of insane coincidences that are at the same time not coincidences, and the open locker in the gym is one of those. It was my first time at this gym and I wasn’t completely sure where everything was or how anything was done, but I was in the locker room ready to leave when I noticed it.

It was an open locker and I was curious about what it contained, but just when I thought I could embrace the wild side of life… I chickened out; I beat a retreat out of the gym before even taking a step towards the locker. What can I say; I’m stuck between a rock and myself with no way out.

Word count: 392 words


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