Wednesday Prompt Smash: The Last King

Prompt: The Last King

Word limit: 200 words

King Ecbert lay still on his death bed; the illness had come on unexpectedly. His body was racked with pain and all he could think of was what this meant for his kingdom, the kingdom of Emerald. He would be leaving the kingdom without an heir, having not yet found a woman worthy to be his queen and not knowing if any of his indiscretions had led to bastards.

But it wasn’t the lack of an heir that bothered him most, it was the rebellion. Even if he had left an heir behind they would be of little use if the rebellion was successful, and without him to lead the charge against it, he did not see how it would fail.

It was becoming harder and harder to breath, and easier to hear the sounds of battle. The rebels were getting closer to the castle, they were winning. Ecbert’s eyes felt heavy, his consciousness began to slip and in all his thoughts he could only think one thing.

‘This is it, my kingdom will fall to rebellion and I will have been the last king of Emerald.’

Word count: 187 words


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