Wednesday Prompt Smash: Shipwrecked

A/N: Went a little over the word limit today, this was fun to whip up. As per usual please check out my friend Tim’s work.

Prompt: Shipwrecked

Word Limit: 300 words

Blue waves slowly lapped at the sand, crabs scuttled along the fine granules and overhead seagulls cawed. The human lay still on the ground, perhaps they were breathing or perhaps not. They were wet; a thin layer of water coated their skin, tiny droplets rolled off them and into the grains of sand.

From the ocean a set of eyes watched the shore. Soft, deep, brown eyes watched the shore- never blinking. It was as if they were waiting for something, but what?

Ever so slowly tendrils of water tickled at the human’s toes, more birds began to caw and the sun rose into the sky. Still the eyes watched, intently waiting for something.

Then there was a change, the human’s eyes fluttered, not that the eyes could see such a change from their position off shore. But at a sluggish pace more began to change.

First it was the eyes fluttering, then the toes curled and uncurled. Little movements began to take place and slowly each movement evolved into a singular movement. Still laid out on the sand the human stretched, and then it rolled onto its belly and stretched some more.

Then in one quick, fluid motion it was standing. That’s when the eyes noticed a change, when the human began moving they tentatively followed them- cautiously moving closer to shore to further their observation.

As the eyes drew closer to the shore the human began to feel watched, in a panic they picked up a rock and when they caught a glimpse of the strange orbs in the water they took aim.

Scared, the eyes didn’t like the rock that flew through the sky at them. They did not like that look on the human’s face and they did not want to observe anymore.

There was a loud splash, and as the human watched the water they were astonished to see a large tail rise up in the surf before diving down. Having only glimpsed it for a second, the human puzzled over if what they had seen was a fish or a seal.

Word count: 347 words


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