The Wandering Writer- AKA I’m going on an Adventure


Hello Everyone,

I’m excited to announce that I’m going travelling, as of tomorrow I’ll be jetting off from my home town of Darwin, Australia. This trip has been planned for a few months now and I’m both overwhelmingly excited and terrified.  For this adventure I’m going overseas to Spain with my Uncle and then after a week there we move onto England, now this isn’t my first time going overseas but it will be the first time I do some solo travelling. You see my Uncle is coming with me for the first part of my journey, as he has a daughter in Spain and a wedding in England that he was invited to, however after that we part ways as he flies back to Australia for work and I remain on in the UK. (For full details of exactly where I’m exploring check out The Wandering Writer section of my blog.)

Anyway because of this adventure a couple things will be changing over here on The Short Story Press:

  1. Travel posts- I’ll be posting journals on my journey as well as stories inspired by my travels
  2. Upload delays- You might notice that I’m later than usual with uploads and that posts like Saturday Word of the Day and Wednesday Prompt Smash come up a day after I would usually be posting, don’t fret if this happens its because of the change in time zones. I’ll be endeavouring to keep the blog running as per usual with bi-weekly posts.
  3. Photos- While I’m travelling I’ll be trying to add some flair to the blog by uploading photos whenever I can. For my photo-centric updates you might even want to check out my Instagram (@thebearthatreads)
  4. Grammar and Spelling- Warning my stories might see a serious decline in proper grammar and spelling because a lot of them will be being written on my phone, though truth be told the Saturday Word of the Day posts are mostly all done on my phone even at the moment. I might also not be keeping within word limits on Wednesday Prompt Smash pieces or tagging my works with their word count due to making posts on the phone. While I am taking my laptop with me there will be a stint of my journey where I purely do phone posts so I do apologise for any future drop in quality of editing.

That’s about all you need to know for now, I hope you all enjoy the new posts that this adventure inspires and that you’ll enjoy keeping up to date with the journals I post.

Best Regards,

Sasha Hanton


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