Wednesday Prompt Smash: Mirrors

A/N: This is my official last post before leaving Australia! Please don’t forget to check out Tim over on Flights of Fantasy. Also went for a little bit of a spooky story style here to celebrate Halloween coming up.

Prompt: Mirrors aren’t always what they seem

Word Limit: 250 words

I never liked mirrors much, there was just something unnerving about them. Of course my whole family was particularly superstitious so mirrors were kept to a minimum in our house, and often covered over. Whenever someone asked my Nana why we covered up the mirrors she’d just give them this weird look like ‘you don’t?’, before saying something strange and cryptic like “mirrors aren’t always what they seem.”

Of course whilst I didn’t like mirrors much I was never afraid of them like Nana, or at least I never thought there was actual reason to be so. However then it happened, one day at a friend’s place I was doing my makeup in front of the mirror and I saw something moving.

I turned around to see what it was but nothing was there, when I turned back to the mirror I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. There in the mirror was my reflection talking to a man, but there was no man in the bathroom and I was definitely not talking to anyone. I started to back away from the mirror, and that’s when they noticed me.

My face in the mirror was furious and the man looked pretty cheesed off too, then he started moving forward. I looked on in terror, trying to convince myself it was lack of sleep or something because mirrors didn’t do this.

That’s when the hands reached through the mirror and I screamed, done trying to convince myself I dashed right out of the bathroom. I powerwalked up to my friend and said goodbye before fleeing the house entirely, I never felt safe around mirrors again.

Word count: 276 words


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Prompt Smash: Mirrors

  1. Ooh, this was an interesting read! Good job on applying this prompt to Halloween, I might just do the same 🙂


    – Ainsworth, Xx

    P.S. I wish you a safe flight and a Good Time in Australia, I too live in Australia 🙂

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