Lift off, land, lift off, transfer

Me with my Vanilla Iced Latte

Hi All,

I’m currently at Hamad International Airport in Doha, enjoy a quick 1hr stopover before I transfer to Madrid. It’s a beautiful airport and I have to say the free WiFi here is excellent (much better than that of the Perth International Terminal where I kept having it drop out on me).

So a few things about my journey so far:

I started my trip yesterday at 2pm Darwin time and then after a quick four hour flight I enjoyed a very long five hour stopover in Perth before a 10+ hrs flight to Doha. On my extra long flight I got to enjoy the many comforts of not being good at sleeping on planes. Short plane flights I’m all good, I just read or watch a movie, but long flights are a kind of torture for me.

After spending the first 3-4hrs watching movies and tv episodes (Fresh off the Boat is a hilarious and wonderful comedy that you should definitely watch), I decided to try sleep. Now this involved switching to music and trying to figure out how to recline my chair (its been a while since I’ve been on a long enough flight to bother with that feature). Then it involved a lot of twisting, turning and curling, on a plane I’m a bit like a cat. 

By the end of it I got about 4hrs of sleep total, and I’m still extremely tired. The meals on Qatar where decent but I found myself feeling a little queasy after breakfast, luckily we landed only a few hrs later. 

Getting off at Doha and continuing on to transfer was both confusing and nerve wracking for me. Firstly we went through another security screening, this time I was asked to remove my boots but funnily enough not to remove my laptop from my suitcase. So through the security screening me and my Uncle went, after wich I had to sitdown and put back on my shoes. Then we had the fun task of figuring out what gate our transfer would be departing from- there was a massive queue in front of the flight boards so it took some tiptoeing to discover we needed to head for Gate A8.

Finding the gate was easy enough after we got past the very confusing initial signage which seemed designed to make us see every shop before locating the direction of our gate. Once we reached the gate my Uncle promptly went to have a cigarette and I treated myself to a Vanilla Iced Latte, which seemed to invok my queasiness as my nerves rose. Anyway that’s it for now, I’ll write in more detail once I’m in Spain.

Bye for now,



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