The bear on a train

Dear Readers,

I am currently writing to you from Cordoba, about to call it a night and get some much needed bed rest. However before I do that I wanted to give you all a quick update on my travels.

As you can tell from this post my flight from Doha to Madrid went fine, though I spent the whole seven or so hours watching films (The Shallows was amazingly good). When we reached Madrid I was gobsmacked at how large the airport is, we had to take a train to get from our terminal to the exit terminal. Though once we were out of Madrid airport there wasn’t any time for sightseeing as we had to catch the Ave to Cordoba. Here’s just a few snaps of Madrid from the Ave: 

The Ave to Cordoba is extremely efficient and both left and arrived on time, during the train ride I was astonished to see how much greenery there is in Spain (so different from what I’ve seen in Australia).

All in all its been good. My Uncle and I both were very happy to arrive in Cordoba as we were in serious need of bathing and brushing our teeth due to the last 24hrs being spent travelling. We just returned to our rooms a few minutes ago after a quick walk around Cordoba and a lovely, highly filling meal. I’ll post more on Cordoba as well as photos of this beautiful town tomorrow.

Oh and be on the watch for some short stories coming up as I had a lot of inspiration whilst on the train.

Till next time,



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