Mixing Cultures

Me in Cordoba’s Alcazar 

My dearest readers,

I am now writing to you from Seville, Spain. However this post is not about Seville, it’s about Cordoba. Earlier today, and most of yesterday evening, my uncle and I spent our time exploring the beautiful city of Cordoba.

Let me tell you about Cordoba, it is beautiful, it has a wonderful mixture of Arabic and Latin architecture and plenty of statues and murals abound as you walk around. It’s really very unique. I’ll put a few image slideshows into this post so you can see everything, though be forewarned I took a lot of photos!

There’s also a lot of greenery all around the city, with every apartment building hosting at least one balcony with plants. The streets were cobbled in that old fashion way though so if you ever visit wear something with a cushioned sole. I’ve got a few more photos I shot around the city that I’m going to put below and then we’ll dive into the Roman Bridge.

If you go to Cordoba there are two sites you must see: The Roman Bridge and The Alcazar. It’s pretty hard to miss the bridge, there are statues in front and along the bridge and also lots of tourists. As you walk along the river on your way to the bridge though you can spot some locks chained to the fence, its a bit like the love-lock bridge in Paris.


When you get to the bridge and walk across it there’s a lot to view, you can see the city in all its majesty and also spot a few old buildings. The architecture of the bridge is beautiful and there’s a wonderful monument with candles at about midway. Oh and there’s the water below to look at too because there’s just so many birds (I love taking photos of birds). Really it is just stunning. And at the end of the bridge is a little tower which you can go into and pay an entrance fee to walk around- its well worth it because there’s audio guides and dioramas and art and just so much to soak in, plus you can climb all the way to the top and go on the roof to see the whole city.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the Roman bridge my Uncle and I went on to see the Alcazar and let me just say the Gardens were magical. So many flowers and fountains and just wow. I’ll let the photos in the below slideshow do the talking but let me just say the faeries would love it there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you are still with me then don’t worry I’m almost at the end of this post. In the Alcazar my uncle and I also found a small area of the old building which had graffiti, its not appropriate to desecrate a historic building but there was a hilarious little gem in the graffiti.


And before I sign off on this post let me quickly tell you about just one more place we visited in Cordoba. On the walk back to our hotel we happened upon Galeria de La Inquisicion which was very interesting and reasonably priced to enter.

Thanks for reading,


Me at Galeria de La Inquisicion

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