Train Tag 

wp-image-1811103593jpeg.jpeg“Come on Magda, hurry up.”

“Just need to get this one last bit… gotta make it pop.”

“Come on Magda, its coming soon.”

“I know, I know, but you can’t rush a masterpiece… Aaaand done.”

“Alright lets gooo,”

“Just, gimme one second. Gotta take a picture!”

Magda hopped down from the crate and pulled out her iPhone. ‘Snap’

“Alright, lets get out of here.”

Magda and her friend quickly scrambled up the hill just as the sound of a train began approaching. From the windows of the train a girl smiled at the walls outside, in bright pink and blue the words ‘Hasta La Vista Milena’ covered the otherwise drab grey wall.


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