Wolves in Human Clothing 

wp-image-1064436834jpeg.jpegThe village was quiet, it was a pleasant evening. There was a nice, cool breeze and the moon was high above illuminating the sky. It hadn’t been an easy place to find but Lisa was happy to have made it.

She was a little perplexed how everything was closed early, more astonished to find nobody walking at night. The scenery was breathtaking, lots of hills covered in lush green trees. However according to her guide, who had dropped her off in the village, she would do well not to go exploring the hills. The guide had said something further on the subject but in a rush and at a whisper, and Lisa’s spanish was shaky at best.

Her camera out she took photos of everything, her flash emitting short burst of light. And then she saw them, people emerging from the hills, approaching the village.

“Hola!” she called out in greeting as they approached, they did not respond so she went back to her photography. To her delight a beautiful owl swooped out of the trees and landed on one of the rooftops, “amazing” Lisa remarked. She’d barely seen any wildlife since arriving in Spain, even livestock had been scarce.

‘Click, click’ she took shot after shot of the owl, not wanting to miss out on this opportunity. Then all of a sudden the owl took off, flying back to the forrest of trees.

It was then Lisa noticed the light sound of growling, she turned around but there was nothing in eyesight that was out of place… except the people who had come up the hill and were milling around.

“I must be imagining things,” Lisa said to herself as she resumed photographing the scenery. But then she heard a howl, looking around once more there was still nothing suspect. “It must be coming from the hills.”

Again she went back to taking photos, but after a short while she felt as if she was being watched. Looking around, the people were still there… though they did seem to have all moved slightly closer towards her location. Of course people tend to move about so Lisa thought nothing of it bust as she went to return to her photos she heard a low guttural growl and turning around she was alarmed to see the people running towards her.

That’s when it happened, the people’s bodies seemed to rip apart and in their place were wolves. ‘Click’ Lisa snapped a photo, and then they were upon her.


The sun arose above the village, Alejandro had just arrived to pickup a tourist whom he’d dropped off at the village the other day. He exited his car, the American had said to pick her up from the village hotel, so he began to walk. It was just as he neared the hotel that he noticed the smell, looking around though all he could see was a camera.



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