It’s all Spanish to me 

So I spent today walking around Seville. My Uncle and I took a morning walk after my last post but of course the rain started up again while we were out. 

Because of the rain we ducked in for a spot of brunch in a cafe, it was nice and simple. 

After that spot of brunch the rain had eased off so we decided to quickly retreat back to our hotel. The rain had other ideas though and started straight back up when we were halfway home. So we ducked into another cafe to have a drink while we waited for the rain to have a siesta. 

I had a hot chocolate and let me tell you, it was just melted chocolate. It was delicious but I needed a glass of water to go with it as it was dark chocolate (orange flavoured).

Anyway after that we beat a retreat to our hotel, and brought an umbrella. Shortly after we had visitors, my mother’s friend Juana came to see us and a little after my cousin Alexa and her Abuela Annie joined us. Unfortunately for me Annie only speaks Spanish and my cousin’s English is ok but not great, and I can’t speak more than a few words of Spanish (I’m actually not Spanish descent but my cousin is).

After a lot of conversation between Annie, Alexa and Juana we all went out for a walk. This walk took forever, I mean we went almost everywhere. My cousin lead the way and we made stops to see the Antiquarium (excavated Roman ruins) and went up to the top of a building which you can exchange the entrance ticket to for a postcard.

Over on my Facebook I’ve posted a video I did at the top of this building. I was kicking myself all along this walk for not bringing my camera, though it kept raining on and off so maybe it was good I didn’t bring it out.

We stopped for lunch and later for churros with Annie and Alexa (Juana had to leave for her bus after our visit to the Antiquarium). It was all very filling and conversation ranged from Annie saying things to me in Spanish and me trying to guess an appropriate response, or me talking with my uncle while Annie and my cousin discussed something. However we at least all bonded over photos, everyone who can see understands cute photos of pets.

Afte a lot more walking Annie and Alexa departed and my uncle and I decided to head back to our hotel… of course that meant figuring out how to get back first. Luckily for us after a few wrong turns I recognized some of the street art and was able to direct us back on our way from that.

So now here I am writing this post with extremely sore feet.

For photos from today please see my Instagram (link is in The Wondering Writer post), as my WordPress app is currently refusing to put up anymore photos.

Bye for now,



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