It’s raining, it’s pouring, the young girl is stuck inside 

Dear Readers, 

Last night was my first night in Seville, my uncle and I had a fun adventure of getting into the apartment where we were staying. Had to call ahead and then call when we arrived, I was having trouble activating my global roaming though so we used a pay phone at the train station, which of course we didn’t know how to work and the diagrams were in Spanish (luckily if you press the right button the phone has English instructions). 

Anyway the apartment is very nice, with a little kitchenette so we went out and got a few essentials (drinks and chips) at the supermarket. After that we ate dinner out at a place called La Estaranza (I think) Tapas ‘n Roll. It was alright but they were out of Jamon so after eating there we headed to a bar to get a glass of wine and some Jamon.

Once we were full we walked back to our apartment and called it a night. This morning I shot awake at 6am, but as my uncle was asleep and I didn’t feel adventurous I decided to curl up in bed with my laptop. About an hour later my uncle woke up and went out to get us breakfast, it was at about that time I started to hear the rain.

So not surprisingly my uncle returned after a while completely soaked. Luckily the bread and pastries he brought back had remained mostly dry. Anyway for the moment I’m still indoors, no great exploring happening. Though it seems the rain has eased up so maybe I’ll head out soon.

That’s all for now,



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