Sevilla, I hardly knew thee

So my readers I am currently writing from the Santa Justa train station, waiting for my train to Malaga. After a full two days we are departing Seville and I’m sad to say that I only saw a few of the sites. Unfortunately it seems I brought the rain to Seville (I’m from Darwin, Australia where it is currently wet season), because everyone we’ve met with has informed us how unusual it is for it to be raining here. Well thanks unforseen rain for stopping me from exploring more of the city.

If you are wondering it is still raining here in Seville, but Uncle Robert and I at least had some luck this morning. We had everything packed last night and at 8am we were ready to leave, though it was still dark outside. However we had one errand to run before heading to the station, so we quickly completed that and then with plenty of time decided to duck into a cafe for breakfast.

It was delicious, though I couldn’t finish it all. Once we were done it was time to try catch a taxi to the station, we weren’t hopeful as per our experience yesterday. But lo and behold we just stepped out of the cafe and there was a taxi.

And that brings us to now, I’m enjoying a nice glass of freshly squeezed OJ as we wait for the platform number to be announced so we can go get our train.

As a little bonus please see the photo at the end of this post which displays a tiny child entrance for a toy store.




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