Climbing the coast

Dear readers,

Today in Malaga my Uncle and I decided to attempt climbing up the Alcazba. It is a must see part of the coastal town and a rather daunting prospect (at least for me seeing as I lack any form of fitness). But we weren’t going to just not try the historical climb, so we grabbed some breakfast and then headed on our way.

My legs did not appreciate any of what we did, I mean at first I didn’t intend to go all the way up  but by the point I was ready to head down it turned out we were already halfway to the top. So of course we continued upwards.

Its pretty magnificent to see all of Malaga from up there, and you can enter the proper Alcazba from the top (of course we were far too tired for that). I took a bunch of photos up there, a few of a squirrel, and as there was a kiosk we grabbed some Powerade for refreshment (replenishing the electrolytes).

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We haven’t done much else today, after that long trek up followed by walking down we returned to our accommodations. But we did do a little sightseeing yesterday, more photos below of the sights around Malaga- including the cathedral.

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That’s all for now.




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