Goodbye Spain, Hello England

My dear readers,

I’m writing to you now from York, England. We left Malaga first thing this morning, after a pleasant last night in the beautiful coastal city.

York is beautiful, I’ve only seen the view out my window so far and a couple of sights from the taxi ride from the station to our accommodation but you can instantly see the history in this town. It’s more modern in ways than any of the cities in Spain but its a completely different place and you really can’t compare the cities of England and the cities of Spain because they are so wonderfully different.

Now that we’re in England I am a little anxious as I have so much planned and it’ll all be coming up very soon. However I intend to enjoy myself and to maintain my posting no matter what.

Before I leave you let me give you a quick last glimpse into my time in Spain. Last night my Uncle and I went out for tapas and drinks at a place very close to our accommodations, it was fantastic with lovely Jamon and a few other dishes we tried (unfortunately I left my phone charging in the hotel room so I didn’t take any photos of the food. We also each decided to have a drink, there wasn’t a cocktail menu and I didn’t feel like wine so I ordered a rum and coke- the glass was massive and it was probably equivalent to at least two drinks in Australia. All in all we had a wonderful last night and then in the morning we headed to Malaga airport which has a very unique look (there’s a quick shot of it on my instagram if you want to check it out).

That’s all for now, till next time.

Kind Regards,




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