Wednesday Prompt Smash: Chocolate City

A/N: Went with a tour guide inspired take for this prompt, hope you all like it. Don’t forget to check out Tim over on Flights of Fantasy.

Prompt: Chocolate City

Word Limit: 200 words

“Hello everyone, welcome to the Chocolate City tour bus. On behalf of the crew at CC tours I want to thank you all for choosing to see the sights of Chocolate City with us. For today’s tour we’ll be starting off with the Nougat Monastery before following the Fondue River and seeing the many famous sights that surround it before stopping by Cocoa Lake for lunch. After lunch we’ll be going past a few of Chocolate City’s less well known attractions before finishing our journey at the Marble Palace. Now without further ado we are off!”

“So exciting,”

“Woah, look at all the chocolate frogs.”

“We’re now approaching Nougat Monastery, on your left and right you may notice the milk fountains and the wildlife species of this region.”

“Cool is that a Yowie?”


“Oh look at all the different bunnies.”

“The bus is now coming to a halt, please grab your cameras and follow me for a guided tour of this religious masterpiece.”

“It’s so big,”

“Look at those windows, is that some sort of lollipop shard glass?”

“This monastery is one of the oldest buildings in Chocolate City, best known for its unique bell towers.”

Word count: 197 words



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