York Awk


I started my time in England with a cold walk to get Chinese food last night. My uncle and I walked through the streets of York to find a section of Asian style restaurants, the genius that I am I had forgotten my beanie and my jacket. Finally we reached our destination and decided on eating at a restaurant called the Red Chilli, it was beautifully designed and nice and warm inside.

Sitting down for we started with drinks, I decided on trying a Bondi Peach cocktail as the name reminded me of Australia. Once our drinks arrived it was time to order food, we ordered a few starters and a few mains- unfortunately as the half duck we ordered arrived we realised that our eyes had been bigger than our stomachs. At the end of the duck we decided to get our remaining dishes for takeaway (which I will be digging into tonight).

With dinner done we returned to our accommodation, feeling very full and tired I decided to take a shower before calling it a night. Having spent the last week travelling I wasn’t expecting any features of the shower here to confuse me, I was wrong. The shower in our current accommodation has the standard two taps except that one tap controls the flow of water and the other controls temperature (rather than one controlling hot water and the other cold).

Anyway I had my shower and then went to bed, nothing exciting. That brings us to today, which started off normal and then slowly became mortifying and humiliating (not that anyone was paying attention).

Here’s how the day started: I got up and read my book for a little while (I just finished it, I was reading Divergent by Veronica Roth). Then my uncle returned from a catch-up with one of his friends and a couple of purchases; including a nice scarf for me.

With my uncle’s return I decided to get dressed so we could go out exploring the city, I layered myself up and put on my beanie (no cold ears for me today) and my brand new scarf- see below for a screenshot of me this morning (taken from my Snapchat).


All ready we headed out, I took my jacket with me but refused to put it on as I wanted to adjust to the cooler temperatures. We walked around for a while at first before heading to the York Castle Museum, the photos in the below slideshow are from our walk.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The York Castle museum is fascinating and very original in how it is presented, I didn’t take any photos as I feel it is inappropriate to take photos in a museum (but you can take photos there if you like). We walked all around the Female Prison section of the museum before deciding to grab lunch.

For lunch we left the museum and headed a little way into town, not too far though as we decided to eat at 31 Castlegate. It’s a beautifully furnished restaurant and the staff were superb. I had a vanilla milkshake which was absolutely amazing, and then I had a steak which was gorgeous- the food was so good that even though I was full I pushed myself to eat more and to finish a second milkshake.

That’s when my day turned from great to terrible, I was in physical pain from how much I had eaten (I really should have shown some restraint and gone with my gut to not have a second milkshake). I excused myself to use the bathroom and was fine at first but then I had a little bile rise up and unfortunately threw-up in the bathroom, luckily I didn’t get any on me and I felt a little better.

So we decided to go back to the York Castle Museum to see the second section- The Debtors’ Prison. At first I was feeling fine, but as I stared at the Punch and Judy dolls in one of the display cases I could feel my stomach turning- so I excused myself and went to find the bathroom. Of course I was so full of food and my whole body couldn’t work with me so in one of the most humiliating episodes of my life I threw up in the museum- I caught most of it in a tissue I’d had pressed to my mouth but still I was so embarrassed (though I don’t think anyone actually saw me through some stroke of luck).

Quickly I scurried to the toilets, where a few ladies gave me some odd looks (of course I had vomit around my mouth and in my hand), I bounded over to the bin and deposited the tissue of throw-up. Then I proceeded to use the sink (the first of which was malfunctioning) to clean my face- that’s when I noticed the vomit was on my sleeves and on my scarf. I washed my sleeves a little and then decided to leave, I walked back past my vomit area (which now had a staff member who was radioing a cleaner) and found my uncle- promptly informing him I was going to head back to the hotel.

My awkward experience doesn’t end there. Walking by myself I undid my scarf and curled it in my hand, I tried as hard as possible to avoid colliding with people because I knew I smelt like vomit and that some of it was still on my scarf and sleeves. Oh and of course as I’m not a native I got lost, I crossed two bridges- because the first one I crossed I didn’t need to cross as I found out when I reached the second bridge and noticed landmarks on the other side.

But I wasn’t about to ask for help in my lost daze, not a chance- if I asked for help surely they’d smell me and that would just maximise my humiliation tenfold. I also refused to try catch a taxi, which is why I spent ages wandering the streets of York torturing myself with my own thoughts. Little known fact I probably have some form of depression or anxiety (can’t say for sure as I refuse to see a doctor for it- terrible practice really), so being alone with myself isn’t exactly a great thing. In the end I wound up making myself incredibly home sick; not for the weather or smells or anything like that but for my dogs and my mum and my friends (friends who probably aren’t even reading this and who I don’t have the courage to call).

Anyway as you can probably guess, by the simple fact that I’m posting this, I eventually found my way to our accommodations- it’s like my Uncle says “It’s York, you can’t really get lost”. So after getting back I tore off my dress with the vomit on the sleeves and threw it in the bin- pity because I really liked it but now it’s so tainted from the smell of vomit, and I honestly don’t want to keep it because it’ll just bring up memories of this whole instance. Dress off I tried to wash my scarf (it’s new so I’m not throwing it away), failig at that I decided to take a shower and let myself have a little cry.

It probably seems irrational to cry over something like this but as someone who loves museums and history it feels to me like I’ve committed a crime- I threw-up in a historical building, thank God I didn’t throw-up on a display. So that’s about it, with that behind me I resolved not to leave the hotel for the rest of the day. When my uncle got back from seeing the rest of the museum and doing some shopping I was already tucked into bed reading.

So that’s it for me, I hope that my experience was humorous or relate-able for you readers.

Kind Regards,



2 thoughts on “York Awk

  1. Ohhhh – so sorry to read this. You did a great job of expressing yourself.

    Guess lesson is do not stuff yourself. And now you can go shopping for a new dress – always a bright side

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