Walking ’bout York

Today has been a much more pleasant experience. We started the day by reading (I’m working on Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte) before checking out of our hotel and heading to pickup a rental car. Once we had the car we parked in the Piccadilly car-park and went to browse the shops, we saw a few cute items but nothing really caught my eye. After that we headed onto the Jorvik Viking Centre which was really fun to go through, I got to learn how looms work from one of the staff members and my Uncle and I had an animated chat about history with another one of the ‘Vikings’ on staff.

It was a very enjoyable visit and I even picked up a souvenir gift for my cousin back in Australia (here’s hoping she’ll like it). Once we were done in the Jorvik centre we went for a walk up the shambles and around the town in general to see the architecture- few pictures below.

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In our adventures I also did a spot of shopping, purchasing two sets of ankle boots and also picking up a comic book (Lumberjanes- it’s amazing!) and a game. Once we had finished exploring for a bit we headed back to the car and drove to our next destination- Thirsk (which is where I am currently writing to you from).

Had a little exploration of Thirsk but it’s dark so haven’t taken any photos yet. Will post more in the morning, though I started writing this earlier and now its past midnight here.




One thought on “Walking ’bout York

  1. Jorvik Centre is great. I can remember living being in England as it was all being excavated. SO much wonderful history in York.

    Continue to enjoy your travels 🙂

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