Saturday Word of the Day: Apparition

*Apparition: a supernatural appearance of a person or thing, especially a ghost.

The old Millcrest Manor had been abandoned for years, all the townspeople avoided it like the plague. Nobody dared even approach the front gate as the old superstitions clung to each and every citizen.

It was a beautiful fall, leaves in crisp oranges and bright reds. The town was a bustle with events to prepare for and celebrate, fall was popular in these parts.

That’s when it happened, a new couple came to town. At first the townsfolk were overjoyed to help the couple move in and prep for their wedding… That is until they found out the couple had purchased the old Millcrest Manor.

“You’d be better off staying somewhere else,”

“Ah no I won’t be able to assist you with the garden, I don’t work on Millcrest grounds… Nobody does or will.”

The young couple was met with similar remarks from whomever they asked, indeed even taxis wouldn’t take them to the driveway of the manor. And yet no one would tell them why.

It came to Halloween night, the couple had prepared some meagre decorations and candy. However not a single child even considered marching up the driveway to trick or treat at Millcrest Manor.

Dejected the couple decided to retire early, the first of them went to the upstairs bathroom to wash before bed while the second went onto the porch to light their pipe. 

Standing on the porch they thought they saw a glimmer of light near the rose bushes, stepping off the porch they began to draw closer in their curiosity. But that’s when from in the house came a blood curdling scream, their partner’s scream. Forgetting the light they bolted back up onto the porch and into the house, bounding up the stairs they nearly bowled their partner over when they reached the landing.

“What’s the matter dearest?”

“Oh its terrible, I had just got the bath ready and was grabbing my soaps when I turned around and there was someone in the bath. Her skin was translucent though and oh god that face, I screamed so hard I thought my lungs would burst.”

“Calm down, now dearest I’m sure it’s just your mind playing tricks. Look I’ll come take a bath with you, it’ll be fine.”

But it wasn’t fine, the girl was still there in the bathtub. A wicked, cruel smirk plastered on her face… Her face which wasn’t quite solid as you could make out the tiles behind it.

The couple both yelled when they entered the bathroom, and the girl rose up from tthe bathtub. She rose and began to approach them.

“Back, I say stay back you foul apparition!” 

“Oh my lord, its going to kill us… We have to run pet, please lets go now.”

“I paid for this house and I’m not going to-”

But then they were cut off as the girl slowly drew ever nearer,her smirk turning ever more cruel. And so they run, down the stairs and out the door.

As they ran down the driveway they could have sworn there was another apparition beckoning for them in the garden, but they paid no heed as they went full pace until finally escaping out the front gate.

Clear of the property they took a moment to catch their breath. Only to be jolted back to their state of breathless fear when the girl appeared at the gate and began to shake it, terrified they screamed and started running down the street. When they finally looked back all they saw was two glimmers of light slowly retreating from the gate into the house.


A/N: I purposely left the couple with very little description so yoy can decide if they are same sex or not, or if they are a heterosexual couple you can decide if its the female that smokes and the man that screams or vice versa (it is all open to your interpretation). Hope everyone enjoyed this little story and my recent spooky stories as we get ever closer to Halloween.


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