Thirsk-y for knowledge

Dear Readers,

Sorry for the title pun but I’m a very punny person (I’m hoping to earn my Lumberjanes Pungeon Master Badge 😉 ). But no in all seriousness I’m enjoying Thirsk, I spent the start of my day trying to use concealer and lip-gloss to make myself slightly more presentable (wasn’t necessary but was a fun exercise in vanity). I then promptly stuffed my face with the chocolate croissant (its call pan ai(au??? not sure how to spell it) chocolate here) my uncle bought me before deciding to go exploring.

Thirsk is quaint, its not excessively noisy and it isn’t filled to the brim with people- that said the roads were very busy today. I walked into the town centre to find market stalls lining one side of the street (lots of really nice things), although I didn’t stick around the markets and instead decided to walk around a bit and see what I could find.

First I ventured past the Lake where a man and his daughter were feeding the ducks, the lakeside mews (I believe that’s what its called) was beautiful so of course I snapped a few shots of the ducks and the scenery.

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After being satisfied that I had enough photos I headed off back into the town centre and decided to travel down one of the other streets where I was pleasantly surprised to find the Thirsk Town Museum. Its a nice little local museum that displays artefacts from the history of Thirsk in some staged rooms. I learnt a lot of fun little facts about Thirsk there, such as that Thomas Lord (founder of Lord’s cricket grounds in London) was actually born in the house that makes up part of the museum. It is really a little gem, free entry with lots of information and things to see.

Anyway once I’d seen all the museum had to offer I decided to head back to my accommodations, I pottered around the town and took a few more photos first- there’s some lovely little features to the town. One of the photos in the below slideshow is of Little 3 which is a delightful place for a meal, Uncle Robert and I ate dinner there last night.

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That’s it for now, I’m going enjoy some lunch.



This flower is so one of the ones in Alice in Wonderland.

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