Market Place

So my dear readers,

If you know about Thirsk then you probably know its a market town. Well today I enjoyed those markets.

I had to head into the town centre to send off some postcards and I also wanted to get some cash out at the atm, so I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into town to see the markets all set up. Now the market stalls had all been up on Saturday too but I hadn’t had any cash then so didn’t bother to have a proper browse. With money in my wallet I decided to have a good look.

There was some really beautiful scarves and woolen hats at one stall, and I absolutely adored this one set. I looked around the stall a little bit and had a conversation with the stall-keeper, we chatted about where I was from (Darwin, Australia) and about the craftsmanship of the items. In the end I decided to buy the hat and scarf combo I’d been eyeing (it was only £5).

Me in my new hat and scarf

Once I’d looked around the markets a bit more I decided I needed a hot drink. So I went into one of the cafes, this one was called Arabica Cafe. There I ordered a large hot chocolate with cream, the waitress then asked if I’d like anything to eat and told me about their cake selection. Not one to resist cake I promptly ordered a slice of carrot cake to go with my hot chocolate.

It was delicious, the cream allowed the hot chocolate to be at perfect drinking temperature and the cake was superb. However I was feeling quite stuffed and after the previous week’s incident (see York Awk post) I had to stop myself when the cake was only half finished. Luckily when I went to pay the waitress offered to box up my remaining cake, so I took her up on that offer. 

With my brunch finished I proceed back to my accommodation. That brings us to now, I could tell you about yesterday but it wasn’t anything remarkable (unless you count a horde of people who I don’t know and much standing about as remarkable). Anyway the rest of my day won’t be much more interesting, my uncle is preparing dinner for some friends and I’m accompanying him.

That’s all for now.




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