The Hammer to the Knare to Harro

The title is a little obscure but its a nod to everywhere I travelled today (Green Hammerton, Knaresborough and Harrogate). We started the morning late, exhausted from a full day of socialising (and a full day of cooking on my uncle’s part). After a little brekkie though we were ready to head out.

Our plan for the day was to go to Harrogate for shopping- I was in need of a coat and some warmer clothes. However my uncle as a Yorkshire local wanted to show me some of the sites on the way so to start off we popped into Green Hammerton.

It was nice to visit Green Hammerton as its the village where my Grandparents lived before moving to Australia, and its home to the church I was baptised in. We didn’t look around much, we just spent a short period of time at the church before leaving (but not before I took a couple of photos).

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After visiting Green Hammerton we headed to Knaresborough. It’s really nice in Knaresborough, beautiful scenery. We walked around for a while to see the castle ruins and the bridges, which involved a number of steps. Then we grabbed a coffee at Cafe Nero before heading out.

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Done in Knaresborough we finally headed to Harrogate. I didn’t take any pictures in Harrogate as I spent most of the time trying on clothes and browsing through the shops. I picked up a few nice dresses and a throw-over top, as well as a nice coat. We also stopped into a book store and I picked up a copy of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, looking forward to starting that as I’ve heard good things (plus there’s a TV series coming out for it soon). The last of my purchases for the day was a prepaid (pay as you go) SIM card so that I can contact friends and family here in the UK without using my global roaming on my Australian SIM card.

After all that shopping it was time to depart Harrogate and get some dinner, on the way back to Thirsk we stopped into a Chinese restaurant and had a couple of dishes (it was all delicious). Now we’re back at our accommodation and Thirsk and I’m preparing to take some photos of my purchases to share with friends and family back in Australia.

Good night,



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