Sutton on the bank

More word play and puns, honestly I hove a terrible sense of humour and enjoy word-play too much. Anyway to explain today’s title we went up Sutton Bank today, beautiful views all around and honestly such a gorgeous drive through the countryside. Though the road can be a bit dangerous when wet or if covered in ice so we were very lucky that whilst today was considerably cold it was also fairly decent weather.

Got lots of lovely photos today of the autumn colours in the trees and some brilliant shots of the road. We also stopped into a few of the towns where I was able to take photos of the cathedrals and local scenery, not certain what the names of those towns were but they were lovely.

Most exciting of all today was that we visited Castle Howard (Howard’s Castle). It has massive grounds and whilst the house (read castle) wasn’t open today the grounds were. So we trudged about the gardens and I took photos of every little thing I could manage- got some really fab shots of this one little bird, that you’ll see in the below slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After visiting the castle we visited another small town and got a meal at the local pub before going to one more town then heading back to Thirsk. Other plans for today involving visiting one of my uncle’s friends. I’ll be putting up my Wednesday Prompt Smash piece for this week shortly so please check that out if you have time- I love knowing people like my short stories and hearing both compliments and criticisms.

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One thought on “Sutton on the bank

  1. Compared to Australia, England is tiny, but there is so much fabulous stuff to see and places to visit. Glad you’re really getting about in Yorkshire 🙂 – lovely to see all the photos and read your posts.

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