Wednesday Prompt Smash: Smell

A/N: Hope you all enjoy this week’s prompt smash, and don’t forget to check out Tim’s work.

Prompt: “Do you smell that?”

Word Limit: 200 words

The alchemy college wasn’t well funded and certain substances couldn’t be allowed into certain areas. At the end of the last semester somebody had snuck sherbet into one of their classes and when it had accidentally spilled into one of the mixing vats in that classroom… well the whole building annex had exploded with purple foam. The cleaning staff and repairmen were still finding purple lumps in the nooks and crannies of the annex and students were not allowed anywhere near it for the foreseeable future. Also sherbet had been band from all school grounds, it was now considered contraband and students were punished for having it anywhere on campus… including their dormitories.

As it were Professors had really started to drive the students up the wall with all these rules. And so that led to small factions of the young, aspiring, alchemists to secretly sneak into the labs to concoct experiments of their own… usually to try and create their own stash of sherbet.

On one such night some first years in the lab seemed to be having problems making the powder. Then one of them remarked “do you smell that?” and they all breathed in deeply to try and figure out what the smell was- certainly not sherbet.

That’s when another of them remarked “you know it makes me think about corridor B…”


Sprinting at full pace the students barely escaped before their cauldron of attempted sherbet mixture exploded in a purple froth.

Word count: 246 words



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