Notting Much

*Badum tsh* I continue to make puns and bad wordplay. So from the title you may or not be able to tell that I went to Nottingham today, let me tell you I was very disappointed (hence the title being a play on the words nothing much).

I woke up at 6.30am very excited because I knew we were making the drive south to Nottingham (possibly the Charnwood forest as well if we had time- we did not have time). Of course my uncle was still asleep and we hadn’t planned to hit the road for a few more hours so I read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods to kill time. At around 10 we headed out for Nottingham.

It’s about a two hour drive to get from Thirsk to Nottingham, the drive was lovely though as we saw plenty of scenery. The drive was even a little eventful when we briefly had to stop as there was sheep on the loose.

When we finally reached Nottingham we could immediately tell it was going to be a little disappointing, there was lots of new infrastructure spread throughout the city and it was extremely difficult to figure out where we needed to go. Once we had parked we headed off to find Nottingham castle on foot as there hadn’t been any signposting for anything else exciting.

On our work we did happen to find that they do have a Robin Hood path that you can take, with various information bits on Robin of Loxley. However whilst it was mildly interesting it wasn’t exactly riveting, I posted some photos of this information boards on my instagram (link over on the Wandering Writer info page) if you wish to check them out.

Upon reaching the castle it was at first hard to realise that there was a castle there, Nottingham is very hilly and the castle signposts only take you to the base area where the statue of Robin Hood is. The way the castle was built and the walls were constructed it can’t be seen from looking up at the base, you need to actually walk around a bit.

Before entering the castle we sited a Robin Hood Adventure exhibit so we decided to check that out. It was alright but honestly could have been a lot better. After that we did not delay on entering the castle.

The Nottingham castle grounds are beautiful and its high position means that you can look out over the whole city- but all that new infrastructure kind of ruins the view. Inside the castle is the real disappointment, while the exterior is the original exterior the interior has all been refurbished and turned into a museum/art gallery. Honestly it wasn’t bad but it was not at all what I was expecting.

After walking around the grounds and all through the castle interior we didn’t have any time to look around and see if we could find any other places to visit as we needed to head back. Though honestly from the signs and maps of the city we viewed there really isn’t all that more to visit in Nottingham.

Tired and disappointed we made the long drive back to Thirsk, which is where I’m writing from. If you want a quick glimpse at Nottingham’s best features please view the slideshow below.



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