Lazy Days

Dear Readers,

The past few days I haven’t been up to much, went for catchups with family friends and enjoyed a nice relaxing time. On Friday I went to the James Herriot World exhibit, really insightful and fun to look around (if you aren’t familiar with James Herriot I suggest googling him, its actually the pen name of a vet who wrote a series of stories about being a country vet in Yorkshire). 

Enjoyed some lovely meals as we ate at my uncle’s old workplace the Old Oak Tree in Thirsk for lunch (lovely duck pancakes) on Friday and then went to a carvery for dinner and catch up with old family friends. Then on Saturday we spent an extra lazy time sleeping in and reading, also packing our bags. Yesterday we finalised packing and I went into Thirsk to get some sweets for my uncle to take home to my mother and brother (nothing better than English sweets). Once we were all packed up we drove out to Elland, getting marginally lost along the way.

Now me and my uncle have parted ways, with him flying back to Australia this morning and me staying here in England with family. For the moment I’m just relaxing and catching up with family and friends so don’t be expecting too many posts, will be posting a lot more after Thursday when I get to Dublin.

That’s all for now.



Me enjoying a lovely cup of my Aunty Rose’s tea.

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