Snowhere like home

Back to my silly puns, I apologise dear readers. There are two reasons for that title, one is that it has begun snowing here in Elland and two is that I’ve been a little homesick. 

Lets talk about being homesick first. It’s not the sun or the warmth that I miss, it’s the people and the comforting familiarity of it. And most of all it’s my dogs, my precious Janie and Molly who I usually pat and cuddle frequently throughout a day.

Sometimes I get by without thinking about how much I miss my dogs but yesterday it hit me like a ton of bricks. We had a lovely day seeing family and friends, one of those friends had a wonderful long haired German Shepherd who was a real softy. Patting that dog and looking into its eyes I found myself thinking how jealous my girls would be, and after we returned to my accommodations (Uncle Allan and Aunt Rose’s house) I found myself a little homesick.

The problem with being homesick in a whole different hemisphere is that nobody is awake when you really want to talk. Luckily a few people chatted with me yesterday evening and I awoke to messages from family to let me know they were there to talk if I wanted to.

Which brings us to the snow. I also woke up to snow this morning, I haven’t seen snow in many years. So excited by the snow I did a video over on my Facebook about it while in my nightgown, and hurriedly got dressed while talking to my mother over Face Time. After my chat with mum I zipped down stairs and layered on my coat and hat so that I could go outside.

Once outside I was unhappy to find my camera refusing to work, stating an issue with my SD card. So I bounced back inside and grabbed my phone, determined to have snow photos. You can see collages of my snow shots over on my Instagram.

Anyway just thought I’d update you all, off to Ireland tomorrow.

Kind Regards,



2 thoughts on “Snowhere like home

  1. Don’t apologize – your puns are unique 🙂

    Being homesick was a hazard of boarding school, but I had so many wonderful experiences as a result. We’ll all be together again soon and you’re meeting so many of the extended family 🙂

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