Wednesday Prompt Smash: Empty Folder

A/N: Last post I’ll be writing on my computer for a while, my laptop is staying in Elland, England while I depart for Dublin, Ireland tomorrow. As per usual don’t forget to check out Tim’s work (this’ll be the last time I link directly to Tim’s blog for a bit).

Prompt: Empty Folder

Word Limit: 200 words

A thin veil of white covers everything outside the window. Inside though it is toasty and warm, a fire going and people bustling about between jobs. Eustace Fogworth sat inside at his old, mahogany desk.

There was a chime heard throughout the house, someone had come in. From his study Eustace could hear the chatter of the house staff, he could hear the footsteps down the hallway as someone approached and he could see the mousy face of a young errand boy slowly stepping into the room.

“Package for you sir.”

Eustace studied the boy, slender frame and long limbs but chubbiness in the cheeks which suggested he wasn’t hard done by. The boy shifted his weight from foot to foot, eyes focused on designs in the carpet too afraid to look up, his hands held out a brown package.

Deciding the boy had been tortured enough and probably had other errands to run Eustace took the package, he took it and waved the boy to leave. Unlike when he entered the boy did not hesitate when leaving, instead he dashed out of the office and thundered down the hallway to get out of the house.

Inside, Eustace was surprised to open the package and find only an empty folder. There was no sender’s address on the packaging and it was all rather confusing, if not a little disconcerting.

Word count: 229 words


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