Tired in Ireland 

Dear readers,

My feet are so sore, my legs almost gave way coming up the stairs to my accommodation. The reason for this is that I left my accommodation at 9.15ish this morning and walked around Dublin, it is now 2.12pm and I’ve been back for about 12mins.

I set out with a plan, and the map I was given yesterday at the reception desk. Because I’d spent the morning travelling yesterday I’d been too tired to go sightseeing and instead only walked a small distance to pickup some food. So today I was determined to see as much as possible.

However I slowly realised that Dublin is massive, things that are close on the map were relatively further than I thought. I was almost sure I’d somehow gotten lost when I spotted St. Stephen’s Green, which is an insanely beautiful park.

This statue was the indicator that I’d found St. Stephen’s Green (for photos of the park and Dublin city see my Instagram). I spent a short while snapping photos on my phone of the beautiful nature before leaving the park in search of my next destination.

My next destination was the National Museum of Ireland, the archeology museum. It was nice to walk around and there was some fascinating finds, like the longest rapier in Europe. I also bought some small souvenirs from the gift shop there.

After that is when things got more difficult, the next place I wanted to visit was Dublin Castle. It took me forever to find my way there, I accidentally took a wrong path (distracted by architecture) and had to ask a local for help (luckily they were very kind and happy to help). Even after asking a local though I still managed to get more lost, but through pure chance just when I was prepared to try catch a taxi, and give up for the day, I found my way onto a main street that lead to the castle.

Dublin Castle was beautiful though I only got to view the state apartments because I didn’t feel like waiting two hours for the next group tour of the Chapel Royal and Medieval Undercroft. Whilst there I also stopped in at the terrace cafe and had some lunch, carrot cake and orange juice.

Rejuvenated slightly and my feet partially rested I decided to try find my way to the Book of Kells which had been recommended to me. Unfortunately I had no luck finding it and so instead got a taxi ride back to my accommodation, my feet were very sore.

Which brings us to now with me done with walking and ready to relax.




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