Something like misery

Dear Readers,

First I’ll start by apologising for missing this week’s Saturday Word of the Day, I spent the first half of Saturday catching up with family and seeing some of Dublin’s sites that I’d missed on Friday. We went to the Dublin Writers Museum which was interesting, did you know Bram Stoker was Irish? It was interesting to see what authors and poets came from Ireland. After that we went to the Hugh Lane Gallery which is just next door. There was some lovely art works on display and even an orchestral band playing.

We had brunch at a place called Eddie Rocket’s which is like a vintage American diner, it was wonderful. I wish we had vintage diners back home. Brunch was before the sightseeing so sorry if this gets hard to follow.

Once we were finished at the Hugh Lane Gallery we walked around Dublin for a while before heading to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells. Lucky for us the line wasn’t long and we got in to see the Book of Kells and the old library fairly quickly. It was really worth seeing, so much detail on the pages.

That was it for Dublin sightseeing so we grabbed a coffee and headed out to my cousin’s place. This is when things take a turn for the worst, to start my cousin and his partner are vegetarian so it took a while to find something I could eat (being a meat eating omnivore). Then there was drinking, I was fine after the first cider but midway through the second cider I felt a bit nauseous. 

You can probably see where this is going, I spent the rest of the evening throwing up and trying to remedy my stomach. I also spent that time talking to my friends and family back home in Australia as I felt home sick and nauseous and was worried about making my flight on Sunday. I didn’t make my flight on Sunday. I spent Sunday sleeping and trying to get better, worrying that I was being an utter nuisance to my Irish relatives. 

Anyway I took a flight this afternoon and am now writing to you from Edinburgh, Scotland. A day later than I’d intended to be here I only have tomorrow for sightseeing. Of course I also need to do some shopping tomorrow so we’ll see how that goes.

I’ll try writing up Saturday’s word of the day post now and hopefully put it up soon. I’m going to have an early night and hopefully everything will be amazing tomorrow. However right now I kind of wish I was home in Australia with my dogs and my family, sometimes travelling is hard even when you’re taking it easy. Anyway that’s just a quick update from me, will post more tomorrow.




One thought on “Something like misery

  1. Travelling is an adventure tha builds the spirit and character. I can remember being about 18 years old and as sick as a dog in a hotel in New Delhi – all alone and having to fly back to UK. I dragged myself to the airport and got on the plane. I remember it to this day (almost 40 years later), but am still not sure exactly how I managed the trip.

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