Chasing Castles 

Dear Readers,

I wanted to make today’s post title a pun but it seems I’m all punned out, so instead I decided to focus it on the main venture of my day- Edinburgh Castle. 

To start my day I was up at 7am to get ready before grabbing breakfast at 7.30 (its complimentary with my room so I wasn’t going to miss it). After that though I had to wait about for a while as the attractions I wanted to see weren’t going to be open for another hour or so. 

Once it was a decent time to head out I walked my way to the Edinburgh Dungeon, unfortunately I was early so I gave it a miss and headed to my next destination. Still a little early for my next destination I grabbed a hot chocolate and then it was time to go to my destination. The Real Mary King’s Close was fantastic, its a tour of part of the city which was built over. It was fascinating to see and I’m really glad I also got a book on it. 

After finishing at The Real Mary King’s Close I decided to continue up the Royal Mile and head to Edinburgh Castle, the goal of my trip to Scotland. The castle was amazing, its built beautiful and the views when you get there are superb (you can see the whole of Edinburgh). Honestly it was breathtaking just seeing the exterior. 

Then I headed on to the ticket office and made my way around the castle, I spent well over an hour there. There is just so much to see in Edinburgh Castle, including the Crown Honours (the Scottish Royal Jewels). Honestly if my feet hadn’t been so tired I probably would have spent longer there, as it turns out though just before I left I was lucky enough to see the firing of the gun (its pretty impressive).

Done with the castle I grabbed a snack at Cafe Nero. Once done I headed back to my hotel, browsing shops on the way. I was on the hunt for some new PJs as I’d been wearing my old set day after day and during my time in Ireland for a whole day and two nights. So I was happy to find John Lewis had a large array of pyjamas, they also had some Calvin Klein bras which is my preferred brand but unfortunately I couldn’t remember my proper size so I didn’t bother about trying any on. After trying on three sets if PJs I settled on a nice, comfy set and was happy to find when I was at the till that because of the amount of my purchase I got a free set of socks.

Done with shopping I returned to my hotel room, my phone was basically dead so it went straight on charge. Now I’m considering going to the hotel restaurant for dinner, and tomorrow I’ll be off to London on the train.




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