Wednesday Prompt Smash: Safety 

Prompt: Ridiculously specific safety training

Word limit:300 words

A/N: I won’t be sticking to the word limit, this will most likely be much shorter than the word limit. 

It was a real pea-souper, thick mist hung over the city of London. Nobody wanted to go outside on that foggy, Monday morning. And yet some people needed to go outside, some people had work to attend.

Dale Manberrie was one of those poor unfortunates that had to be out and about. There was a required workplace training seminar on safety booked for that day, it was mandatory and Dale couldn’t risk missing it.

It was foggy days like this that made Dale wish she didn’t live in London. However there wasn’t much she could do about that, she lived there because of her job and she needed that job so she couldn’t exactly leave.

Finally when she got to the office conference room Dale was just a little annoyed that only two of her other coworkers had bothered to come in. Resigned to her fate, Dale slumped into one of the chairs that was set up in front of the projector.

Eventually the lecturer arrived and began his presentation. It was a safety training program, and as it went on Dale was surprised to find it oddly specific. There was training on how to properly use a stapler, how to avoid accidentally stapling yourself or your tie. 

Dale had to wonder just what stupidity her coworkers had indulged in to bring about this particular brand of safety training workshop.



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