Bear-ker Street

That was not a good pun but I couldn’t think of any better titles so you know. Anyway my readers today has been a slightly better day here in London. 

To start I commenced my days adventure at 11am by heading to the Lancaster Gate Underground. I had a mission: Get to Chancerly Lane and walk to the International Magic Shop to get a gift for one of my friends. At first when I reached the tube station I was worried and confused by the ticket machines but I decided to purchase a day ticket for today so if I needed to I could travel between any of the tube stations.

While I’d been worried that I’d be confused by this public transport system I was pleasantly surprised to find it was as easy to use as my uncle had told me it would be. Reaching Chancerly Lane I went and grabbed a hot chocolate before gluing my eyes to my phone and following Google Maps to the International Magic Shop.

The magic shop was fantastic, and the staff super helpful with offering me the perfect gift for my friend. I’m actually annoyed with myself because I should have taken a photo of the magic shop, it was really nice. Anyway with my prize in hand I decided to try visiting the Temple Church which my mum had recommended and was reasonably close by.

However in pattern with my luck from yesterday the Temple Church was closed for today. But still I managed to get a nice photo of the outside.

With that plan ending up being a bust I headed back to Chancerly Lane and caught the tube back to Lancaster Gate so that I could get back to my hotel to charge my phone which was on low battery. Still though my day wasn’t done, not yet.

After wasting an hour watching tv while my phone charged I put Paddington back into my coat pocket (sorry I forgot to mention Paddington Bear has been going everywhere with me) and headed to Paddington Underground. From Paddington I traveled to Baker Street, I had one destination in mind and lucky for me its right next to the underground station- Madame Tussauds. For those not familiar with Madame Tussauds it is a wax museum, arguably the most famous wax museum in the world.

Madame Tussauds was amazing though I wish I’d had a friend with me because it can be incredibly hard to take a selfie with a wax figure (you can see a collage of my selfie attempts on my Instagram). It has a lot to offer though with the Sherlock Holmes experience which has real life actors, the Spirit of London ride and the Marvel Superheroes 4D experience. I ended up spending more time than I expected to there and when I exited I was surprised to find it was 4.40pm and night was beginning to set in.

Before heading into the Baker Street Underground I decided to buy some souvenirs at one of the many souvenir stores near the station. Let me just say if you are ever in London and looking to get some London centric souvenirs just go to Baker Street, you’ll find everything there.

Finally I returned to my hotel and decided to have some dinner, I’d bought pot noodles yesterday so I decided to cook those. My only issue was I had no fork or any cutlery in my hotel room, so I used the end of my toothbrush (not the brush part) as an impromptu fork… It got the job done.

Anyway that’s everything I did today, tomorrow I’m off to Windsor to meet up with family.




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